Privacy policy

Dear clients,


Let us inform you on how AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s., branch TAPA Tábor (hereinafter as "we" or "our Company") processes your personal data in connection with our business.


The purpose of this information is to explain what type of personal data we collect, how we handle them, what sources of data we use, what purpose we use them for, whom we may further provide the data to, where we can find information about your personal data and what your individual rights in the area of personal data protection are. When we process personal data, we follow the generally binding rules and regulations and personal data processing is always performed within the extent of the given service and/or purpose.


Please, familiarize yourselves with this information. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them at our office - TAPA Tábor at Kosova 1021, 390 02 Tábor, via e-mail osobní and/or by telephone + 420 381 961 350.


You can also contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, Ms. Ing. Jana Zimová, e-mail: , telephone + 420 224 492 243.



General Information


Our Company has a duty to process certain personal data in respect to its business activities, especially in order to comply with statutory and contractual obligations. We would be unable to provide our products / services without your personal information.


We also process your personal data beyond the statutory requirement for the purposes of offering jobs or making some other contact with you. We need your consent to do that.


I.1        Personal Data Processing Principles


When processing your personal data, we adhere to the highest possible standards of personal data protection, mainly the following principles:

  • We always process your personal data for a clearly specified purpose, by specified means and in specified ways, and only for the period which is necessary for fulfilling their purpose; we only process accurate personal data of our clients and we ensure that the processing corresponds with the specified purpose and is indispensable for fulfilling that purpose;
  • Your personal data are protected as confidential information; therefore we process our clients' personal data in a way which ensures the highest possible security of such data and which eliminates any unauthorized or accidental access to our clients' personal data, any change, destruction, loss, unauthorized transfer, other unauthorized processing or any other unauthorized use thereof;
  • we always clearly inform you about processing of your personal data, about your rights to accurate and complete information regarding the circumstances of such processing as well as about your other relating rights;
  • our Company has developed and maintains the corresponding technical and organizational measures to ensure the level of security protecting against all possible risks; all persons who come in contact with clients' personal data, have the duty of confidentiality concerning the information relating to personal data processing.



Information on Personal Data Processing


II.1       Information on the Controller


The Controller of your personal data is our Company, i.e. AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s., with its registered office at Bruntálská 167, 793 51 Břidličná, ID No. 27376184, registered in the Commercial Register in the custody of the Regional Court in Ostrava, File Ref. B 3040.


II.2       Processing Purpose and the Legal Grounds for Processing


II.2.1    Processing of Your Personal Data Without Your Consent


This usually includes situations in which you are obliged to submit certain personal information as the condition for us to supply our product / service to you or in which we are entitled to process your personal data acquired in some other way.

a)   We are entitled by law to process your personal data without your consent to be able to comply with our statutory duties, especially:

  • to prevent damage to our Company's property;
  • to prevent any fraud that our Company may suffer;
  • to comply with our potential duty to identify and screen a client based on the Act on selected measures against legitimisation of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism.

b)    In order to enter into or to perform a contract.

This mainly includes the physical implementation of the contract or any other contract performance between you and our Company. Your personal data are mainly necessary to enter into a contract without taking any unnecessary legal risks, including negotiations on contract terms and conditions or a change thereof.

c)    In order to protect our rights and legally protected interests, including but not limited to:

  • the protection of rights and legally protected interests of our Company, debt recovery, securing the performance of obligations, the development of provided services;
  • negotiations with parties interested in the assignment of a client's debt by our Company or any other form of transfer or passage of a debt, including the relating implementation thereof and any other subsequent negotiations with third parties, especially informing the security providers etc.;
  • addressing any and all controversies, especially actions and other disputes;

d)    our justified interests.

These mainly include the existence of a contractual / customer-supplier relationship between you and our Company.


II.2.2    Processing of Your Personal Data With Your Consent


This mainly includes situations in which you voluntarily agree with our processing of your personal data. Based on your consent, our Company processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • offering a job or any other contact with you in this connection.


II.3       Extent of the Clients' Processed Personal Data


Our Company processes your data within the necessary extent to fulfill the above purposes. We process contact details (contact addresses, phone numbers, e‑mail and fax addresses and similar contact details) and identification data (name, surname, date of birth, residence address, type, number and expiration of your identity document; and in clients – individuals with a trade licence also business ID No. and VAT No.), camera recordings and our employees' location services (if they are activated).


II.4       Personal Data Processing Method


The way our Company processes your personal data includes manual and automated processing in our Company IT systems and on paper copies.


Your personal data are processed mainly by our Company employees and also by third parties in the necessary extent. Before handing your data over to a third party we always enter into a written contract containing the same guarantees for personal data processing as those mandatory for our Company in accordance with the statutory requirements.



II.5       Personal Data Recipients


Our clients' personal data are made available mainly to our Company employees in relation to the fulfillment of their job responsibilities which require handling clients' personal data, but only in the necessary extent and with adherence to all security measures.


Besides that your personal data are provided to third parties who participate in the processing of our clients' personal data or such data may be made available to them for any other legal reason.


The transfer of data occurs mainly in direction to:

  • the providers of advisory services; and
  • contractors providing server, website, cloud and IT services to us.

Before handing your personal data over to a third party, we always enter into a written contract with such person in which we regulate processing of personal data in such a way that it contains the same guarantees for personal data processing which are required from our Company by statutory requirements.


II.7       Transfer of Personal Data Abroad


Your personal data are processed in the Czech Republic and are not transferred to countries outside the European Union.


II.8       Personal Data Retention Period


Our Company only retains clients' personal data for the time necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. We continually evaluate whether the need to process data for a certain purpose prevails. When it is clear that the data are not necessary for any of the purposes in view, we delete them. However, we have made our own internal estimate of the necessary data retention period in relation to a particular purpose after the lapse of which we very carefully consider any further need to keep any respective personal data. In this connection, we apply the following principles to the data retention:

  • data necessary for the performance of a contract are kept for the duration of the contractual relationship with a client; after that the respective personal data are usually useful for a period of ten years, except for longer retention periods based on statutory requirements;
  • data relating to job offers are kept for 6 months after the completion of the employee recruitment process;
  • right protection and legally protected interests data in the form of camera recordings; particular personal data are usually kept for thirty days.
  • rights protection and protected interests data in the form of location services if activated; the respective data are usually kept for ten years.

II.9      Right to Withdraw Consent


This information provides reasons for which we need to keep your personal data and that there are purposes for which we need your consent. Your consent to process your personal data given to our Company is not mandatory and at the same time you are free to withdraw your consent. Please note that we are entitled to process some of the personal data without your consent. If you withdraw your consent in such a case, we will terminate processing your personal data for the purposes which require your consent, however, we might be entitled or even required by law to continue processing the same data for other purposes.


If you wish to withdraw your consent to process your personal data, please, contact us at our office - TAPA Tábor at Kosova 1021, 390 02 Tábor or via e‑mail osobní .


II.10     Sources of Personal Data


We acquire personal data of our clients mainly from:

  • clients themselves;
  • publicly accessible sources (such as public registers and the like);
  • potential new employees;
  • our own activity, by processing and evaluating other personal data of our clients;
  • camera recordings;
  • GPS units in company cars (if they are included).

II.11     Your Rights Relating to Processing of Your Personal Data


You can exercise your rights at our office - TAPA Tábor at Kosova 1021, 390 02 Tábor or via e‑mail osobní and you can also file a complaint with the supervising authority which is Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů [Personal Data Protection Office] (


II.11.1  Right of Access means that you may ask us for a confirmation whether we process any data relating to you and if so, then for what purposes, in what extent, to whom they are made available, for how long we will keep them, whether you have right to correction, deletion, restriction of processing or you may make an objection as to the source from which we acquired your data and whether your personal data are subject to automatic decision-making or potential profiling during processing. You also have a right to request copies of your personal data; the first provision of copies is free of charge and any repeated requests may be subject to adequate reimbursement of administration cost.


II.11.2  Right to Correction means that you may request a correction or amendment of your personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.


II.11.3   Right to Erasure means that we have to delete your personal data if (i) they are not needed for the purpose for which they were collected or processed, (ii) their processing is illegal, (iii) if you raise objections to their processing and if no prevailing justified reasons for their processing exist, or if (iv) we are ordered to do so by law.


II.11.4   Right to Restrict Processing means that we must restrict processing of your personal data until we solve any and all contestable issues relating to the processing of your personal data. It means that we can only keep the data and we can use them only to specify, perform or defend our legal claims.


II.11.5   Right to Object means that you can object against processing of your personal data which we process for the purposes of direct marketing or for the reason of a justified interest. If you object against processing for the purposes of direct marketing, your data will no longer be processed for such purpose.



Closing Provisions


III.1 This information is issued for an indefinite period of time and it becomes effective on June 1, 2020.


III.2 We may change this information at any time by replacing it with a completely new wording; its current wording is published on our Company's website and it is also available at our registered office.


III.3 If not expressly stated otherwise, all information contained herein also applies to processing personal data of potential clients, i.e. persons with which no contractual relationship has been established yet but whom we have been in contact with. Information contained herein shall reasonably be applied also to processing personal data of other persons whom our Company has been in direct contact with although no contractual relationship has been established (e.g. representatives of legal entities).